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PayPal (most recommended) details are given on the registration page. Just you need is a debit/credit card and an email address. Regarding the payment, kindly use the link on our website

  • Enter the fee amount in the box
  • Click Pay Now/ Next Button
  • Log In with your PayPal Account/ Sign Up with PayPal
  • Make payment using your Credit/ Debit Card
  • You will get a payment receipt immediately from PayPal, and one copy will automatically come to us.

All you need is an Email account and a Credit/ Debit Card


METHOD 1: Pay using PayPal link.

Click on the below link to pay:




METHOD 2: Pay using PayPal 'Pay Now' Box.

Please insert the amount in USD:

 Please add 5% to the payable amount (PayPal Fees)

All you need is an email account and a Credit/ Debit Card.

Note: Please put only integer value in the Paypal Box. For example, to pay USD 315, please write 315 in the box. Anything else like USD 315 or $ 315 or 315.00 would be invalid.



You may send money through your bank directly to our bank account. Please note that additional charges apart from the registration fees are borne by the applicant. Please send the ‘Payment Evidence/ Payment Proof’ by an Email at so that, we may also track the payment.

Kindly email "Bank Details Request" to